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Proprietary Affiliate program analytics from AvantLink.

Click Stream Analytics for Improved ROI.

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AvantMetrics is a proprietary container pixel and analytics platform that allows for more intelligent Affiliate sale referral tracking rules. This service offering is the first of its kind for quality Affiliate programs and offers much more insight into the entire customer click stream leading up to a sale.

How does this help my business? AvantMetrics offers…

    Pixel Container Functionality

    Problem: Adding or removing tracking pixels can be costly and time consuming. Every time you want to add or remove tracking pixels on your website you have to schedule resources from your web development team, costing you time and money.
    Solution: AvantMetrics is a pixel container. Once you implement our pixel, you can add or remove other third party tracking pixels on demand without any additional development resources.
    Business Rules for Shared Attribution

    Problem: You’re unsure of what types of Affiliate referrals you’re getting, and where those referrals are taking place on the customer’s path-to-purchase.
    Solution: By using predefined “Introducer, Influencer and Closer” Affiliate referral groups, AvantMetrics offers detailed insight into customer click-stream and referral data. Based on findings from this data, business rules can be applied for a shared attribution commission model if the standard “Last Click Wins” model is not right for you.
    De-duplication of Multi-Network Sales

    Problem: You have joined multiple Affiliate networks and noticed that many times the same sales post to affiliates in multiple networks costing you large amounts in duplicate commissions.
    Solution: AvantMetrics has built in functionality for allowing you to de-duplicate sales between multiple affiliate networks, saving you development costs and greatly reducing your affiliate marketing costs.
    De-duplication of Internal Marketing Channels

    Problem: Your analytics is telling you that customers are being referred by other marketing channels, but the affiliate marketing channel is still being credited for those customer referrals.
    Solution: AvantMetrics can help you de-duplicate between marketing channels or split commissions with intelligent, rule based shared attribution functionality.

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