We Mail Stickers Affiliate Program

$75.00 commission • 90 days cookie duration

WeMailStickers.com: We mail your stickers to your fans.

Watch our 2 minute 'what is WeMailStickers.com' video at: http://www.wemailstickers.com/pri/video

Your fans get free stickers. We do all the work. Swag's the word! By using We Mail Stickers your fans get the free stickers they want without you hassling with envelopes and snail mail. They just fill out a short form on your website requesting a free sticker and within 24 hours or less it's in the mail. Your company doesn't do a thing!

So, how does We Mail Stickers benefit? The mailing fees of WeMailStickers.com are simple and completely transparent. By shipping in bulk, We Mail Stickers makes a profit. We can then offer an affordable service to you. We charge you 52¢ per envelope, which is equivalent to a 45¢ stamp, 6¢ envelope and 1¢ for ink. There are no other fees. As long as you receive five or more sticker requests per month, then we're the perfect fit for you.

For retailers: learn about our remarketing services.

Here are some of the benefits of the WeMailStickers Affiliate Program:
  • One time commission: $75 / new customer (the minimum purchase level is $100)
  • 90 cookie return days
  • Dedicated Program Manager
  • 100% parasite free
  • Banner & text link creative
We look forward to your partnership!