Hook & Tackle Affiliate Program

8% commission • 30 days cookie duration • Terms & Conditions
Hook & Tackle transforms innovative ideas in to best-in-class performance fishing and sun protection clothing and accessories. We invent one-of-a-kind products loaded with performance features and functions to optimize your experience in the great outdoors.


Honestly, at Hook & Tackle, we're just a bunch of fish heads that grew up in Miami that love to spend every waking moment fishing or thinking about fishing. A few of us also shared a passion for making things - in particular, crafting performance fishing clothing & accessories. We have 200+ years of combined experience in crafting sportswear & casting fishing lines. Heck - you can't do something that long unless you are passionate about your craft - we are just saying.


Good design is timeless. We’re curious and inquisitive with a deep understanding of design. We are quality freaks. It’s an obsessive compulsive disorder around here. After all, Hook & Tackle products have to withstand tough salty oceans, UV rays, bending, stretching and all sorts of abuse. Our customer expects this and we must deliver. We make cutting edge quality products. Products we believe in. Products with a purpose. Products we can proudly stand behind. We scout the planet in search of the highest quality premium materials selected for their character, durability performance qualities, and most important of all, how comfortable it makes our customers feel.


We believe that fresh water is life, salt water heals all wounds and all water must be protected. Be the change you wish to see in the world. This principle guides our support for the conservation of our fisheries and the marine environment.


Last but foremost – we are a proud family owned & operated company. Our brand reputation rests on the experienced craftsmanship and passion of our people, handed down since 1963 from generation-to-generation-to-generation.

Check out our website at HookandTackle.com. If you like what you see (and we know you will), please apply to our Affiliate Program. Details of the program are as follows:

  • 8% Commission for sales you generate.
  • 30 Day cookie duration.
  • We stock the world’s largest inventory of Hook & Tackle clothing and accessories.
  • Fast Shipping – we ship immediately on business days.
  • Best-in-Class product photography.
  • Professional product videos and detailed product descriptions to increase conversions.
  • Customer reviews – loyal & passionate repeat customers – just read the reviews.
  • Product fit guides increase conversions and minimize returns.
  • We feature a Sales & Clearance section of discontinued merchandise.
  • Free standard shipping available and seasonal promotions.
  • We frequently reward customers with a gift upon purchase.
  • Our Guarantee lets customers buy with no worries.
  • Average Order Value > $115
  • Site-wide conversion rate > 4.01%

If you need a custom creative request, ideas to improve your performance or would like general feedback or support, our team is here for you. We take a partnership approach and look forward to working with you.

Terms and Conditions:

Trademark Bidding | Hook & Tackle does not allow trademark, trademark plus bidding or any misspellings of the brand name. Please do not bid on these terms: Hook & Tackle, Hook and Tackle, hookandtackle, Hook & Tackle plus any and all discounted term, Hook and Tackle plus any and all discounted term and hookandtackle plus any and all discounted term. For example, hookandtacklecoupon, hookandtackledeal, hookandtacklediscount, hookandtacklepromotion, hookandtackleoffer are not permitted.

Coupons | Affiliates are not permitted to promote any coupons not provided by us via AvantLink.

Discounting Terms | Hook & Tackle encourages affiliates to use Search Engine Marketing (both paid and natural) in their promotional campaigns. However, we do not authorize any affiliate to use “discounting terms” including, but not limited to: sale, cheap, discount, outlet, % off, deal, low price, savings, discontinued, closeout, markdown, for less, or best price. If Hook & Tackle finds any Affiliates misusing the Hook & Tackle brand in ad copy, all sales commissions will be reversed. If violators continue to disregard the policy, the affiliate relationship will be terminated.

Free Shipping | The use of the term “free shipping” or any variation that may be misleading is strictly prohibited.

URL | Affiliates may not use the term Hook & Tackle or Hook & Tackle or other trademark variations or misspellings in their URL. This includes www.youraffilatesite.com/hookandtackle.

We reserve the right to withhold sales commissions to affiliates or remove affiliates from the program that are found to be in violation of any of Terms & Conditions.