Nomadik Affiliate Program

8% commission • 30 days cookie duration

Now you can earn 8% of each new customer's purchase at one of the fastest growing subscription box companies online!

Nomadik is venturing into the unknown. It is searching continents, scoping coastlines, and trekking through mountains and fjords to arrive at the place you dream of.

Nomakik sets to inspire people to get outside by delivering the best-in-class gear directly to your doorstep.

Our hope is that more people will experience everything Mother Nature has to offer, appreciate it, and understand the importance of protecting it.

Nomadik donates a portion of each sale to help the planet.

Just a few of the benefits of promoting The Nomadik Box:

  • 8% commission for each new customer that you send our way
  • 30 Day Cookie to ensure you receive the commission you deserve
  • Expert Affiliate Management team with 14 years’ experience
  • Top quality products from the leading brands in outdoor retail
  • Optimized marketing tools and creative that have been tested to work
  • Seasonal promotions and coupons to entice new customers
  • A company that cares about the environment and gives back!