Stowaway Tools Affiliate Program

7% commission • 30 days cookie duration

Ready for the most talked about product at this years SHOT SHOW? Stowaway Tools is the newest line of products from Klecker Knives and has gathered quite a buzz since launched. The tools are made ultra-convenient to carry since they are carried inside your cell phone case!

You can choose among a variety of daily tools to pack into your Stowaway phone case. Imagine having a full line of functional ‘Swiss army’ tools readily available to pull from the back of your phone. Chose from tweezers, pliers, belt cutters, pens ad combs, knives and more. Dozens of practical tools, all available to carry right in the back of your cell case.

Just a few of the benefits of promoting Stowaway Tools:

  • 7% commission for each new customer that you send our way
  • 30 Day Cookie to ensure you receive the commission you deserve
  • Expert Affiliate Management team with 14 years’ experience
  • Dozens of quality tools that fit into your cell phone case
  • Optimized marketing tools and creative that have been tested to work
  • iPhone audience that has never seen a product like this