WMD Guns Affiliate Program

7% commission • 45 days cookie duration

WMD Guns specializes in high-performance firearms coatings and products custom designed for improving reliability, guarding against wear, moisture, and corrosion, simplifying cleaning and maintenance, and extending service life of the firearms. In fact, WMD Guns is the only firearms company to offer “NiB-X®” Nickel Boron, “Nitromet®” Salt Bath Nitrocarburizing, Electroless Nickel Teflon, Electroless Nickel with Boron Nitride, Electroless Nickel, and ceramic coatings (decorative topcoat color options) all from one expert source. Consumers can deploy our remarkable technology by ordering our field-proven, coated components and part kits for AR-15/M4/M16 and other platforms – or by choosing one of our NiB-X/Nitromet-coated firearms.

Program Benefits:

  • 7% commission on all sales
  • 45 day cookie duration
  • Average order size over $100
  • OPEN PPC POLICY. No restrictions, bid and link however you like, wherever you like!
  • OPEN SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY. No restrictions. Promote us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc!
  • Regular coupon, sales, and promotions
  • Exclusive coupons available, just ask!
  • Current and accurate datafeed in place
  • Professional and dedicated program management by MGECOM, Inc.

Please apply today, and start earning with WMDGuns.com! Contact us at wmdguns@mgecom.com.