Cortazu Affiliate Program

9% commission • 60 days cookie duration • Terms & Conditions

Welcome to our Affiliate Program!

Continue reading to learn more about our Outdoor Clothing brand and partnerships. We look forward to working together!

What: Cortazu sells high-quality technical clothing for skiing, hiking but also for everyday use. We are on the intersection between sport and lifestyle.

How: For every product we source the best components on the market, focus on functionality and style and together with our production partner, create the best outerwear we can possibly make. Afterwards, we sell it directly to our customers and skip as many middle-men as possible, all with the goal to create the highest quality outerwear for a much better price. This is how we started and why customers in over 55 countries have bought our products. Because of this, our technical clothing is worn in environments such as the Himalayas and the Rocky Mountains. But also in cities such as New York City and Tokyo.

Mission: We don't exist just to sell outerwear products. We want to activate people to create their own adventures while supporting the world around us. That's why we partnered up with Justdiggit and started to cool down the planet. For each product sold we re-green land in Africa.

Awards: Cortazu got selected by a jury panel of 43 judges and received an ISPO Gold Award in 2019. This means we are the best product in our category. ISPO is the World's largest Trade Fair for the outdoor business.

Highlights of Cortazu Affiliate Program

  • 9% commission rate
  • 60-day cookie duration
  • Higher than 3.2% Conversion Rate average at the former campaigns
  • Average order value >335$
  • Returns are accepted on orders shipped within the EU within 50 days of purchase, no questions asked.
  • Responsive and dedicated team available ​for all your questions and content needs.
  • We ship worldwide! – and for free within the EU, for free in the US and Canada on orders >135$
  • 97% of people keep their Cortazu products
  • 10-Year warranty for each Cortazu products
  • We re-green 50 m2 on the foot of Kilimanjaro for every jacket purchase

Here is how it works

  1. Fill out the AvantLink network application for Cortazu (totally free)
  2. After the approval, post a link on your site/blog/profile
  3. Send customers to Cortazu through that link
  4. Track your clicks from AvantLink and you will receive your commission monthly

That's it! Come on and join our community. We look forward to our partnership