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CrazyCap is the result of years of research, testing and development in partnership with leading labs around the world. The result? Independent tests prove it makes any debris-free water 100% safe to drink. CrazyCap uses advanced deep UV LED to sterilize water in as little as 60 seconds. As the deep UV light enters the microbial cell, it destroys the nucleic acids. Without this active core, cells are no longer viable.

  • Destroys viruses, bacteria, pathogens and microorganisms
  • Rechargeable cap means no batteries to lose or replace
  • 500k use life provides up to 1.7 million ounces of drinking water

Simply fill your bottle with water from any debris-free source. As long as the water is transparent (so light can pass through it), you’re good to go. Screw on your CrazyCap and gently double tap the on button to purify your water.

Drink confidently.

The CrazyCap is perfect for the trail, travel, or keeping your water bottle clean at the gym.

We look forward to working with you!

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