A Look Inside AvantLink’s Micro-influencer Platform: Fervora

Finally, a simple performance marketing platform for influencers and brands.

Do you spend hours managing your influencer/ambassador program in google sheets? We have the solution for you, Fervora.  A sister company of AvantLink, Fervora is a micro-influencer platform developed to make influencer marketing trackable + accessible for all.

Looking to measure ROI? Brands can quantify and reward influencer impact on all social mediums. Message influencers directly through the dashboard, and even payout bonuses. Fervora’s unique categorizing system allows you to group multiple groups of influencers and pay uniquely to each group. All of that work is now in one place and the best of all, we take on all the payouts + 1099 for you.

Whether you’re a brand or influencer, Fervora is simple to start- up and integrate. Check out some of the brands using Fervora:

If you want to get started with Fervora or have any questions, visit Fervora.com, or contact support@fervora.com.