The Advanced Power of AvantMetrics

Our latest software update is now live and can be found under the “Reports” tab of your admin page. The AvantMetrics report tab gives merchants access to AvantMetrics reporting with similar function to our Performance Reports. Starting April 1st, this will be the only place this reporting is available.

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For those of you who aren’t familiar with AvantMetrics, here’s what you need to know:

We introduced the AvantMetrics technology seven years ago as our team recognized an increasing need for more thorough & dynamic approach to affiliate marketing. AvantMetrics proved its capabilities in 2018 when merchants with the site-wide pixel were exempt from needing to make any changes as ITP 2.0 debuted. AvantMetrics sets both a first-party and third-party cookie, so our affiliate sales continued to track properly.

However, that’s just one feature of AvantMetrics. Since AvantMetrics is site-wide, your program can also utilize our holistic marketing insights, behavioral analysis, commission attribution, deduplication, and third-party pixel integration.

Holistic Marketing Insights:

With our holistic marketing insights, you can track every marketing channel involved in the click-stream leading up to a sale. This is helpful in recognizing the value of each touch-point and revealing how dynamic a customer’s shopping journey can be today.

Behavioral Analysis:

Furthermore, you can analyze where affiliate clicks are occurring using AvantLink’s three behavioral referral groups: introducer, influencer and check out influencer. An introducer is an affiliate who provides an inbound click to a merchant’s site before the customer has visited the site in the current sales cycle. An influencer click is one that occurs after the initial visit to the merchant site, but before the checkout process is initiated. Finally, a checkout influencer click is an inbound referral to a merchant site that occurs after the customer has entered the checkout phase. You can use this information to decide which affiliates you want in your program or to incentivize them to shift the nature of referrals to your site.

Commission Attribution:

To take the behavioral analysis (outlined above) one step further, you can implement our commission attribution. Commission attribution allows you to split your base commission among our three affiliate classifications: introducer, influencer and checkout influencer. This is a departure from the traditional last-click-wins affiliate payout structure. Using this feature, you can reward high-value affiliates for the critical role they play in referrals to your company earlier in the conversion funnel.


An additional feature available with AvantMetrics is most appealing for programs working with more than one affiliate network. By using our deduplication technology, you only pay a commission to the affiliate who made the final referral prior to sale.

Pixel Integration:

AvantLink has a number of third-party affiliates who require an additional integration before merchants can start working with them. Some examples are search partners, on-site conversion optimization, and cart abandonment solutions. These affiliates still earn their commissions on a performance basis (no flat fee) but do require minor integration. Their pixels are added into our larger AvantMetrics container so you won’t need additional technical integration on your site.

Overall, AvantMetrics offers a more dynamic and customizable approach to affiliate marketing tracking & reporting. It can be customized to support your brand’s unique goals & initiatives. Furthermore, we designed AvantMetrics so that future updates & improvements will roll-out seamlessly without clients having to change their tracking code. If you want to learn more, please contact our sales team!

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