Affiliate Management: Could Your Program Use Some Extra Attention?

When does it make sense to start considering affiliate management solutions and what are the signs that your program could use some extra attention? AvantLink’s, Anthony DiFranco, spoke on The Rick Magennis podcast about that very topic recently and we thought we’d share.

Anthony has been working in the affiliate marketing industry for over eight years. He started with AffiliateTraction, an agency that managed programs for advertisers like Hurley, Volcom, SKECHERS, Forever21, and Guess Jeans. His role was to make sure they could solve everyone’s affiliate channel management needs. This gives him a different perspective when working with clients looking to join a network like AvantLink. To have a successful affiliate program starts with a strong network, and then dedicating the time to execute the day to day work in the channel. Part of Anthony’s role at AvantLink is speaking with clients to set realistic expectations, outline a strategy, and consult them on how to apply our network technology to best reach their goals.

When analyzing your affiliate program, there are several key performance indicators that will show the program is not being actively managed. Below are a few of the red flags to look for along with some tips to help keep your program successful.

1. The number of pending publisher recruitment offers that go out to affiliates in the network. For example, on the AvantLink dashboard, it highlights the number of invitations you have out. As a best practice you should always have a minimum of 25 pending. Time should be spent each week, starting with the newest publishers that have joined the network, followed by the top-rated publishers in specific verticals and categories.

2. Publisher applications waiting to be reviewed. It’s a good idea to look these over 2x per week to keep the brand active.

3. Low % of affiliates sending traffic and sales – time to swing back to number 1 and number 2 above.

4. Missing recruitment, welcome, and denial emails – stay active in your network!

5. Provide monthly newsletters to your base of affiliates you work with.

6. Work on optimizing your affiliate program by reaching out personally to partners and seeing if there are specific ways you can work together to get more exposure.

Affiliate program management can be a great option to help your program get up and running efficiently, as well as keep your brand active and drive consistent sales. If you’re interested in management for your program, reach out to

To listen to Anthony’s complete interview with Rick Magennis, click here.