Affiliate Marketing Weekly Roundup: International Traffic

Did you know that AvantLink has three networks? That’s right, we have US, Canadian, and Australian markets where affiliates can thrive. The problem: you may not know how to see if you have international traffic from those markets, or how to produce and tailor content to each of those markets with your solitary website. Good news! We’ve shown how it’s done in our latest blog post. Read about how to serve country-specific content & ads to your international visitors!

Tool of the Week



Also, read about how to deal with inactive affiliate links. You don’t want to miss out on commissions from content that has dead links, so read this article and make sure all your links are up and running with merchants you currently promote for.


Static ads might get the attention of a consumer, especially if it has something their already looking for. But a better way to grab their attention and show off your brand is video. Here’s how to set up video ads with AvantLink so your affiliates can host rich media on their site that promotes your brand.

New Merchants


GearBest is the goto online store for the latest gadgets and deals. Promote to readers who want to be the first to own the newest gear, and earn up to 8% commission on a 30 day cookie. This program is live on all three AvantLink networks. Apply on the US, Canada, and Australia program description pages.

Certified Watch Store is a resource for luxury and designer watches at a discounted price. Get your readers a great deal on their next timepiece and earn 6% on a 45 day cookie. Apply on the Certified Watch Store program description page.

Join us next week for more affiliate marketing tips and news!