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Data Retrieval Subscription Configuration Used By AvantLink Tools

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Data Input Data Retrieval Used By AvantLink Tools

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Data Retrieval Used By AvantLink Tools

AvantLink API

The AvantLink API provides advanced data input and retrieval functionality for members of the AvantLink network. The API framework itself is constructed in a REST-style architecture, so usage is entirely platform independent and open to development with any programming language. This is because all access to the API is made via specially formulated GET or POST http requests.

The functionality of the overall API is broken down into specific modules (see complete list at left). Each module is designed to accomplish a particular task, be it retrieval of reporting data, execution of a database-wide product search, or manipulation of ad campaigns at the merchant level.

Base URL: https://classic.avantlink.com/api.php


Be sure to take a look at the Tools -> API Request Builder page under your affiliate login. This can greatly simplify the process of constructing a valid API request, particularly for modules with many available parameters.


Many of the API modules for merchants are used invisibly to deliver information for report subscriptions, or other periodic notifications. However, it is possible to use the API to automate processes such as updating ad campaigns or quickly pushing out new Deal of the Day products. If you're interested in any of these "Data Input" modules at left, please feel free to contact us for more information.