App Market Tool Profiles: The SnapDealist

For you affiliates who love finding the lowest price point on a product to promote, take a look at the new App Market tool called the SnapDealist. This handy new tool from App Market developer (yes, you guessed it) Justin Ball automatically scans the datafeeds of your merchants and delivers the lowest priced, most relevant product options in a completely responsive and customizable widget.

The live SnapDealist example below  shows the lowest prices for two products that match the broad search term “Men’s North Face Denali”.

But the real value of the SnapDealist is how it finds the products to search for. As demonstrated above, search terms can be manually entered  to guide what products the tool searches for, but for affiliates looking for more dynamic and scalable solutions, products can also be found using these two options:

  • CSS Selector method: Assign the SnapDealist to look at content within specific HTML tags and elements to dictate what the tool searches for. For example, if the SnapDealist was looking for content within a page <title> tag and the page title was “Make A Perfect Green Smoothie With A Blendtec Blender”, the SnapDealist would return results for Blendtec Blenders.
  • URL Parameter methods: For subject-specific webpages that have the subject in the URL, the SnapDealist can be configured to recognize those subjects and search for products base on that data. For example, if you have a topic page about trail running shoes with a parameter like “topic=trail%20running%20shoes” or a search page with “search=peyton%20manning%20jersey“, the SnapDealist can return products based on the values within those topic and search parameters. You can use any parameter in a URL to configure the SnapDealist.

For more details check out the SnapDealist on the AvantLink App Market or take a look at the short training video below for a demonstration. Once again, thanks to Justin Ball for creating yet another powerful and innovative affiliate tool.