Our affiliate platform, Arches, is the heart of the AvantLink network and has been crafted for advertisers and publishers to grow their businesses at scale. For our brands, robust reporting provides unmatched insight into every element of activity within an advertisers program. For our publishers, innovative tools that are easy to use and help you understand and reach specific target audiences.

For both advertisers and publishers; automation to create meaningful partnerships!

Evolution - The Arches Affiliate Marketing Platform

As we progressed through the "2.0" redesign, it became clear that this was more than just updating our key feature sets; it was an evolution of identity and functionality, and it needed a brand. Our platform's intent has always been "connections," and this new platform enhances those capabilities.

The name "Arches" came as we pondered an arch connecting just like our advertisers and publisher partnerships. As a Utah company with Delicate Arch on our license plates, the name was a natural choice.

Scott Kalbach, AvantLink's CEO, said, "Arches brings the next generation of data architecture, tracking, UI/UX and performance marketing technology to the AvantLink platform."

When all the features of the new platform are complete, you will notice many improvements:


Increased Availability to Data

  • Improved Data Visualization
  • Customized Reporting (use custom parameters for reports that matter to you)
  • AI (predictive modeling, smart ads based on user behaviors)

Advanced Tracking

  • Cross-Device
  • More Attribution Roles for AvantMetrics
  • Additional Insight into the Customer's Path to Purchase
  • Advanced Commission Rules
  • Ability to Commission on Actions (like newsletter sign-ups and app downloads)

Dynamic API Foundation

  • The Arches front-end is built on an API
  • Allowing Third-Parties to Build Tools and Plugins for Platform
  • An API call can do most Functions in Platform

Advertiser Dashboard

Publishers Dashboard

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