AvantLink Affiliate Program Management

At this time we thought it would be appropriate to get into detail on our new Managed Solution service level we now offer merchants. We know what works, and what doesn’t, in terms of program management. Here are the key points and information on this full service management and branding package we offer…

Earlier this month we announced that as of July 1st we were providing Affiliate program branding & management services for two Active Sports, Inc. stores on our network. These two stores are The-House.com and Proboardshop.com, and both are high-converting sites selling popular brand name outdoor gear and apparel. It’s been so far so good, and you can bet the sales volume for both programs will continue to improve.

This is namely because the cornerstone of this unique proposition utilizes a branding strategy with proof of concept to not only effectively brand a program as the authority in their category (which naturally attracts and retains the highest volume Affiliates), but also provides an array of communication and distribution channels for sale details, coupon offers, promotions or otherwise general Affiliate and business news related to the program. This is all the content that is exactly relevant and important for Affiliates to have at their fingertips in a timely fashion, and on a regular basis!

Merchants, when you contract with AvantLink to handle day-to-day Affiliate program management and branding, you’ll be assigned a dedicated, experienced and focused program manager. The emphasis will be on incremental and consistent growth in AvantLink, and you won’t be pushed to any other network where you’ll invariably shell out thousands more to get started.

The keys to bottom line growth in the Affiliate channel include dedicated management, regular communications, program branding, and of course patience. Despite what you may have heard otherwise, building a strong Affiliate program for your business is a process, and it will take time. Especially if you’re starting from scratch.

Below are the two main elements included with our Managed Solution…

  • A Dedicated Program Manager – An experienced individual with dedication to your bottom line success in AvantLink. This person’s management role will be a pro-active one with emphasis on the distribution of optimized promotional and news content through several high profile channels. Your AvantLink program manager will…
    • Review and approve Affiliate applicants, screening them for suitability and offering our expertise in properly integrating and using our tools.
    • Provide branding for your Affiliate program(s) through the posting of campaigns, specials and other vehicles (see below).
    • Manage the campaign and collateral materials in the merchant interface.
    • Discuss strategy and campaigns ideas on a regular basis.
    • Provide day-to-day relationship management for affiliates.
    • Manage correspondence with affiliates.
  • Full Branding Package Utilization – A package with proof of concept that offers branding and communication opportunities above and beyond what managers can otherwise find in the network. We’ve partnered with Haiko de Poel, Jr., owner of ABestWeb.com, to offer merchants a substantial discount on several ABestWeb service levels. As well as access to some of the one-off services in AvantLink. Distribution channels that come with the Branding Package include…
    • AvantShare Branded Merchant Affiliate Program Blog – $500 value
    • AvantLink Featured Merchant Homepage Placement – $250 value
    • ABestWeb Sub-forum of a Category – $1,500 Annual Value
    • ABestWeb Merchant’s Blog Inclusion – $1,000 Annual Value
    • ABestWeb Run of Site Banner Rotation – $1,500 Annual Value
    • ABestWeb Recruiting Email – $800 Annual Value

For pricing information on our Managed Solution drop us a line. We’re also happy to answer any question you may have on the unique value proposition of what we’re offering. You certainly don’t want to spend too much on program management, or otherwise adding your program to multiple networks. Both of which can put you in a very challenging position in terms of seeing an acceptable ROI for your Affiliate marketing efforts!

Gary for AvantLink