AvantLink Hires CTO

We’re delighted to announce that AvantLink recently brought on board David Clark of Salt Lake City, Utah, as Chief Technology Officer. David’s skill set perfectly compliments our leading-edge Affiliate network technology and proprietary platform. He has extensive experience in web-based database-driven applications, PHP reporting systems and process automation (e.g. automated data imports/exports, statistical calculations, trigger/event notifications, etc.).

From his resume:

Experienced database developer and DBA with proven history of planning, deploying and maintaining creative solutions to business problems. Adept at individually executing projects as well as mentoring and assisting other team members with shared responsibilities. Well-versed in refactoring applications to keep pace with changing business goals without resorting to complete redesigns. Excellent troubleshooter often called upon by colleagues in “last resort” situations.


  • Use XML Query Definitions in .NET Applications, May 2004 (available at SitePoint)
  • Stored Procedures on PHP and Microsoft SQL Server, November 2003 (available at SitePoint)


Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics, May 1997
University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT
Graduated Summa Cum Laude with GPA 3.9/4.0

David’s interests include reading, hiking, camping and spending quality time with his wife and two small children.

We’re excited that David accepted the position of CTO for AvantLink and we look forward to the innovation and ideas he’s sure to bring to our team!