AvantLink Launches New Event Series This Spring

We disrupted the conference scene when we introduced AvantExpo 6 years ago and now we’re doing it again!

Introducing: AvantLink-Up

AvantLink-Up is a nimble approach to the traditional conference, in which we bring the networking event to a region near you! By taking the AvantExpo experience on the road we aim to:

  1. Have our network partners and prospects learn more about AvantLink and our incredible team.
  2. Facilitate new opportunities for merchants and publishers.
  3. Build better relationships between AvantLink network partners by spending time together doing something fun.

AvantLink CEO, Scott Kalbach, says, “AvantExpo has been a huge success and the goal with AvantLink-Up is to take all of the elements that people loved about Expo and bring those to new regional events that open up the experience to more of our clients, publishers and prospects.” He also mentioned, AvantExpo could return someday, but for now AvantLink is excited about developing Link-Up.

We’re kicking this off with an event in our hometown of Park City, UT and we will be releasing more details soon. We’re planning for two additional events in 2019 as well. Stay tuned for locations and dates!

Additionally, we’re announcing the AvantLink Network Awards will be separate from the conference agenda. Criteria for 2019 awards will be published on our website in coming weeks and winners will be announced in early 2020.

Can’t wait to see you on the road!