New Merchant Tool: Bulk Ad Editing Now Available

So, we’re two months past Christmas and maybe you’ve been a bit slow to update your loads of Christmas related ads for affiliates. Yeah, definitely time to fix that!

For lots of merchants who maintain many ad campaigns, updating each individual ad can prove to be a long, time intensive process. That’s why we’ve created a new tool that gives all merchants the ability to bulk edit any number of ads all from screen. Let’s take a peek at how this works.

How It Works:

First, you will want to start by logging into your account, clicking on “Tools” up at the top and then clicking on the “Add/Edit Ad Campaign” option. From here you’ll be taken to the standard ad campaign list screen, but with one major change: each ad has a checkbox next to it followed by an “Edit” button at the top and bottom of the list.

Notice that for this tutorial, two outdated Christmas ads have been selected to be edited. Once each ad’s checkbox has been checked, clicking the edit button will bring up the bulk editor screen where all ads can be adjusted on one screen, pictured below (warning: very tall photo):

While it looks like a lot is going on here, it’s actually relatively simple and straightforward and can be explained in four parts:

  1. Apply To All: For changes that will be made across ALL selected ads in the bulk edit screen, only one change needs to be made on the first ad on the list. After that change has been made to the first ad, simply click “Apply To All” and that change will then be made to the corresponding field on all other ads in the bulk edit screen. This is useful for a number of different reasons. For example,if your program was promoting a big on-site sale and you wanted the ad destination URL for each ad to lead to a new landing page on your site dedicated to that sale, simply update the ad destination URL on the first ad to point to that landing page and then click “Apply To All”.
  2. Adjusting The Ad Content: For each ad in this screen, you have the ability to change the actual content of the ad. Whether it’s adjusting the verbiage in a text ad or changing the image source for a banner ad, each ad’s content can be individually adjusted and updated.
  3. Adjusting Start/End Dates: The start and end dates for each ad campaign can be adjusted as well.
  4. Update Ad/Update All: After all changes have been made, each ad can be updated individually or the top ad will have an option to “update all”.

And that’s it! Easy, fast and simple bulk editing for any number of ads that you’d like. Thanks to the folks over at Sierra Trading Post and the Fanatics affiliate programs for the great functionality recommendation.

Best Practices:

Remember “Dynamic Updating”, that clever way to streamline creation of new ads by replacing existing ads with new content? You know, the thing we drill into on every merchant training webinar and the subject of this video (also embedded below) we encourage every program manager to watch?

Well, bulk editing allows for dynamic updating to occur much quicker, both for text ads and image based ads. Program managers should always be striving for dynamic updates of ads to not only make your work load less and your campaign management easier, but to also cut down on the work required by affiliates to keep up-to-date with the newest, most relevant ads you produce. In other words, make dynamic updating a regular process and use the bulk editing tool to help with that.

Have feedback on this tool or a suggestion for some new functionality you would like to see from Let us know in the comments below.