Customizing Your Reports | AvantLink Weekly Roundup

This week saw one of the biggest updates to the AvantLink network in recent years. Affiliates and merchants now have access to Performance Reports, a powerful new platform for customizing how reporting data is delivered and displayed based on a user’s preference.

By specifying how to group and filter data, AvantLink users now can repurpose the information used in the classic reporting interface to create new reports that offer wholy different insights and analyses. Check Performance Reports for yourself by clicking on the ‘Performance’ nav item at the top of your dashboard. Or, read the announcement blog post for more details on the system’s capabilities and several usecase example.

New Affiliate Program Launches

We The People Holsters have become the must have Kydex holster for IWB concealed carry. We make custom molds in house with features like Adjustable Cant, Ride and Tension we offer a holster that fits every concealed carry position. All of our holsters come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE and are 100% made in the USA. We offer custom printed designs making your holster a unique experience like none other.

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4TheOutdoors is an online destination for standup paddle boards and adventure gear. We weave together the best brands, insider product knowledge, and unique stories from the field to inspire the culture of human-powered adventurers.

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Yogi Surprise offers curated subscription boxes dedicated to enhancing your yogic journey, both on and off your mat. Each product in our themed boxes is purposefully selected to enrich your practice and nurture your dharma. This is why the experience of each box goes beyond the specially selected products. Each Yogi Surprise box invites you to enrich your practice.

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True Shot is your source for bulk ammo! We are focused on offering the most aggressive prices on ammunition in the country! We are veteran owned and operated, and just like you – we like shooting… A lot! With that in mind, we decided to offer incredibly aggressive prices on the most popular calibers so our customers can afford to buy larger quantity, and spend more time at the range!

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