Dynamic Affiliate Text Ad Integration Types Explained

automated text ads

Implementing a dynamic affiliate text ad produces some of the highest converting ads offered, period.  When implementing Text Ads on your site you have three integration choices:

  • Dynamic/Javascript – This is the most powerful of the integration methods (instructions/video below) and only requires that you put the text ad on your site once to ensure the ad is kept current. Because of the Dynamic affiliate text ad or Dynamic/Javascript integration type, any future changes made to this text ad by the merchant will update on your site automatically.
  • Standard Html – This integration type will give you raw HTML code for the current ad you see. Because the text for the ad is hardcoded and not dynamic, you’ll be required to manually update that ad anytime the merchant updates their ad.
  • URLs Only (No Html) – This method will provide the raw affiliate link and separate ad text and requires manual updating.

How to Implement a Dynamic Affiliate Text Ad

STEP 1:  Start by selecting “Text” under “Ad Type:”. If there is a specific merchant you want to pull ads from, select that merchant from the “Merchant” drop down box on the left.

STEP 2:  Choose any text ad you would like to use, making note of the expiration date.  Many merchants will use the title of “Current” to identify ads they update on a regular basis.  These ads typically do not have expiration dates.   If the text ad you choose has an expiration date you will have to choose a new ad before the expiration date is reached. If it does not have an expiration (N/A in AvantLink’s system) the merchant has the option to continually update that ad with the most current offers.

STEP 3:  Click “Get HTML” for the ad you would like to use:

STEP 4:  Select “Dynamic/Javascript” as the integration type and then click the “Get Html” button.

STEP 5:  Click in the box with the code and copy the highlighted snippet of  Javascript:

STEP 6:  Paste this code onto your site. Without any intervention on your part, ads will be dynamically updated with the merchant’s most current and highest converting ad.

What you can expect

Now that you have a dynamic text ad on your site, you can expect to have it automatically update without any effort on your part anytime the merchant makes a change to that ad.  This eliminates outdated offers and increases conversions across the board.

Cool, huh?

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