Use Google Product Feeds To Power Your Program’s AvantLink Datafeed

For many merchants launching an affiliate program on any network, one of the biggest barriers to entry is having to create a datafeed that matches the feed specifications required by the network. These datafeeds are vital to the operations of any program and here at AvantLink they power many of our cutting edge affiliate tools. Because of this, we have recently developed and implemented a process that allows merchants current or new to use an existing Google Product FeedĀ (GPF) as the datafeed supplied to the network for their program.

This change was made as almost every merchant setting up a program already had a robust, usable GPF configured and ready to use. Why make more work than is necessary?

The process is simple. A merchant gives us their GPF, we’ll map it to our network’s feed specs, and that’s it! We take care of all mapping and conversions automatically each day as the updated GPF is sent to us and the merchant never has to worry about adjusting or updating a second network-specific feed again.

In addition to taking extra work off the table for merchants, this update helps make the move towards a more standardized and unified datafeed specification environment, which is something that benefits the entire industry as a whole. If you’re interested in converting your feeds over to be sourced from a GPF, please contact the AvantLink support team.

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