How To: Using The Product Ad Widget To Build On-Page Stores

The AvantLink “How To” series is an ongoing series featuring best practices and strategies for affiliates and merchants with actionable, practical information to improve your affiliate marketing efforts.  

As an affiliate manager you know that your affiliates come in all sizes and shapes, so I like to think about what AvantLink tools would work best for each type of affiliate. The one size fits all approach is not always the best so be sure to reach out to your affiliates with personal suggestions that would be relevant for their site or blog.

Bloggers and content sites send very targeted traffic, and tend to convert at a higher rate. Plus, bloggers and content sites provide some very valuable branding and advertising for merchants, and bloggers have a strong sense of loyalty, especially those in a tight-knit blogging community.

One of my favorite tools to recommend to bloggers is the AvantLink Product Ad Widget. Let’s say you have a scrapbooking or craft blogger that is passionate about detailing their scrapbooking projects. They love what they are doing and want to share a special photo page layout or greeting card with their readers, get involved with a blog hop or even enter their projects into a contest. They post pictures of the finished project and write tutorials or record videos with all of the steps to creating that very special greeting card to share with their readers.

These affiliates are a perfect fit for the AvantLink Product Ad Widget. Your blogging affiliate has spent a lot of time making the card and tutorial with good content, so why not suggest to your affiliate the concept of adding their own craft store with product images and a link to a merchant where their viewers can purchase the supplies that were used in the project they featured?

This can be accomplished with AvantLink’s Product Ad Widget; it’s simple to do and provides a convenient shopping option for their visitors while all along providing your affiliate with a unique way to earn money. It’s the perfect way for your affiliate to turn their passion for scrapbooking into dollars from their blog posts.

Affiliate Product Store Example

Example of a craft blogger’s Product Ad Widget craft supply store populated with the products needed to complete their project.

Building a craft store on a blog or site is simple to do with AvantLink’s Product Ad Widget. It’s a customizable tool that allows you to select products that you used in your craft project or bloggers can add some of their all-time favorite scrapbooking products- it’s all up to them. The Product Ad Widget allows your scrapbooking blogger to display products they used in their featured project. It is like having their own craft store and your affiliate can stock the store with products they choose!

For more information on how your affiliates can build their own craft store using AvantLink’s Product Ad Widget, take a look at the tool description page and the video tutorial below: