Merchant Email Tool Update: Hypertarget Your Affiliates

The merchant email tool has been updated with some amazing features to let you get extraordinarily specific with the types of affiliates you’d like to be messaging. Before this update, several options existed to target sub-demographics of your affiliate base, including only emailing affiliates from certain categories, affiliates who used certain tools, or even based on activity level within your program. Merchants could also email individual affiliates, but the selection process was bulky and hard to manage.

These new updates allow for a much more streamlined email experience while also allowing for a far greater amount of control on choosing what affiliates receive what updates. Here’s what’s new:

Individual Affiliate Selection

Selecting individual affiliates to message is still an available feature, but it is now much easier to search for and select affiliates as well as see how many have been selected. Using a simple search box, affiliates can now be selected by searching for their name or website URL. Once the desired affiliate is found, clicking on their name will add that affiliate to the “Selected Affiliates” box to the right.

Affiliate Selection

Affiliate Group Selection

Affiliate group selection has been expanded to include a number of additional sub-demographics of your affiliate base on top of the original group selections available in the previous version of the email tool. Affiliates can be selected by activity, all affiliates, ad campaign usage, classifications, locations, new affiliates, tag groups, tool usage, and ratings.

Each of these groups includes different specification options. For example, if an email is going out to an ad campaign usage group, you’ll be asked to select the specific ad campaign.

Affiliate Group Selection

And/Or/Not Logic

One of the coolest new features is the And/Or/Not logic that allows you to mix and mingle different groups of affiliates or even chisel down certain groups of affiliates. Take the screenshot example below.

aon one

Here we’ve designated an email to go out to all new affiliates that have joined the program since October 23. We’ve selected our groups criteria and hit “Apply”, bringing over all affiliates who fit that criteria in the “Selected Affiliates” box. Now, say we want to further limit that list of affiliates by only reaching out to affiliates who are new but also classified as content affiliates.

To do this, we’ve selected another “Filter by” option, this time by classification/content affiliates and selected the “AND” option. In other words, this group email will only go out to affiliates who joined after October 23 and are content classified affiliates.


When multiple group filters have been put in place, it will be reflected in the affiliate count box below the “Selected Affiliates” box. Remember that to apply a And/Or/Not filter, you must start by selecting a first group and then applying a second group/filter as And/Or/Not after.

aon notTry It Out!

Emailing highly targeted groups of affiliates with specific messaging more relevant to those affiliates than others is an incredibly effective way to communicate with and activate your affiliate base. While the standard sent to “All Affiliates” option is still available, next time you need to send out an email try to diversify your affiliate communication to different sub-demographics of your affiliate base.