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This week we had an email drop go out to the community…over 30,000 members and growing! As most know already, we sponsor a category there that we use as a public support forum for AvantLink. I thought the topic and message of the email drop was a good one so I wanted to post it to our blog as well…so here it is:

Hello Everyone,

It’s been just over a year since we opened our support forum at AbestWeb. Thanks to everyone for your contributions and feature requests! In our first year of business our goal was to build trust and lay the foundation for an ethical, quality based Affiliate network. We’re happy with the progress we’ve made.

Network Focus

AvantLink is a unique platform focusing specifically on traditional, cost per sale merchant Affiliate programs. We’ve developed an environment where Affiliates and merchants can increase revenue through the use of integrated and cutting edge Affiliate tools and exceptional support. We do not run lead generation or CPA offers.

Parasite Free

We’re committed to running a network that is free of parasites, protecting your traffic and hard earned commissions to the highest degree. We actively monitor the industry for unethical practices, and encourage our network members to help police the environment. We will not turn a blind eye to known parasites no matter how much money we stand to make from their traffic.

Merchant Exclusivity

Although we are a non-exclusive network, several of our high converting merchants have selected AvantLink as their only Affiliate marketing technology provider. You know your traffic is safe when you promote an exclusive AvantLink merchant! Review the list of our exclusive merchants on the sidebar to the right.

Refer Us!

If you like the idea of your top converting merchants offering their Affiliate programs through AvantLink’s secure environment check out our Merchant Referral Program. We will pay you $100 bounty for any qualified merchant you send our way.


Gary Marcoccia
Marketing Director

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The email also included a list of merchants who use AvantLink as their exclusive Affiliate marketing technology provider: