New Canadian Merchant: Aquabatics Calgary

Aquabatics Calgary

The Aquabatics Calgary affiliate program is now live exclusively on AvantLink Canada!

From their program description page: “Aquabatics Calgary is Canada‚Äôs premier online paddlesports (Kayak, SUP and Canoe) retailer. We have been an established and respected brick and mortar store (15 + years) and our online presence is built around the same platform of working with the best brands, best people and building customer relationships that keep people returning again and again.

With all the best brands and a strong online presence, the Aquabatics Calgary affiliate program is worth plunging into. The program offers a 7% commission on a 30 day cookie, and all regular-sized orders over $75 have free shipping–a nice incentive for your audience! Check the details and apply on the Aquabatics Calgary affiliate program description page.