New Merchant Advertisers for April

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Julia Jordan

35% Commission | 30 days Cookie Duration

Julia Jordan is a distinguished fashion house rooted in the heart of New York City with over four decades of experience. Our brand prides itself on seamlessly blending the allure of high fashion into everyday wardrobes. We enjoy the narrative of affordable elegance.

The Normal Brand

10% Commission | 14 days Cookie Duration

We are brothers and we make clothes. Did we have fashion experience? No. Jimmy worked in finance and hated his life, but loved one shirt he made – the first Normal shirt. We are dedicated to making the best product out there. We will always cater to you because we are you. We don’t come with a designer agenda.

Frontline Optics

12% Commission | 30 days Cookie Duration

Frontline Optics is a First Responder owned company focused on providing high quality sunglasses built to handle the unique demands of “The Job”. Our glasses are designed for First Responders and supporters of the First Responder Community.

Holderness & Bourne

8% Commission | 30 days Cookie Duration

Holderness & Bourne offers premium apparel and accessories inspired by the game of golf. We blend classic style with modern fit and performance. We never cared much for the exhaustive branding and hyper-athletic looks associated with most modern golf apparel. We firmly believe that quality speaks for itself, and that branding should be subtle.


10% Commission | 30 days Cookie Duration

Unlike other specialty product companies, OffGrid believes that protecting yourself with Faraday gear doesn’t mean you have to compromise or break your budget- we bring the highest quality products and cutting-edge designs to our customers at an affordable price.

221B Tactical

12% Commission | 30 days Cookie Duration

Through leveraging the power of its affiliates, 221B Tactical’s mission is to help people live better lives. How? By listening carefully to people’s concerns, treating them with respect, and designing product solutions which take people where they want to go.

VJ Shoes

8% Commission | 30 days Cookie Duration

VJ shoes make performance trail running and hiking boots with The Best Grip On The Planet. With VJ, it’s all about pure performance and well-designed products that will stand the test of time.That’s why the world’s best athletes and adventurers choose VJ shoes.

MTN Bonded

10% Commission | 30 days Cookie Duration

At MTN BONDED, we have been designing and testing mountain gear in some of the most rugged and remote places of the world. We truly believe we are creating the most durable and highest quality products on the market.

Iron Infidel

10% Commission | 30 days Cookie Duration

Iron Infidel was established in 2019 by a tight-knit group of SWAT Team Members united by a shared passion for fitness and preparedness. Frustrated by the constant need to replace other companies’ low-quality fitness products, we took matters into our own hands and developed gear capable of withstanding rigorous use.


8% Commission | 30 days Cookie Duration

ORTOVOX stands for the greatest possible mountain safety – since 1980 we have been protecting climbers, mountaineers and the mountains themselves. Founded with the invention of the “F2”, the first ever double-frequency avalanche transceiver, the South German company produces emergency equipment, backpacks and functional apparel for discerning mountain athletes.


10% Commission | 30 days Cookie Duration

Knog are makers of best-in-class bike, outdoor and travel accessories, most notably; bike lights, bike bells, headlamps and Scout security devices. We’re a wildly creative bunch with a pension for the perfect “thing.” We love the daring, the blinding light of passion, and showing up where the rubber meets the road less traveled.

AUS Program

Nantahala Outdoor Center / NOC

5% Commission | 30 days Cookie Duration

We’re proud to offer adventures for every age and ability to experience and enjoy the outdoors. NOC ranks among the biggest and best outdoor recreation companies in the country known as the Leaders in Outdoor Adventure Since 1972.

Breek Arms

10% Commission | 30 days Cookie Duration

At Breek Arms, our mission is to revolutionize the firearms industry through relentless innovation, unwavering commitment to American craftsmanship, and a steadfast dedication to our customers. We strive to set new benchmarks for performance, functionality, and reliability in our products.


15% Commission | 60 days Cookie Duration

X-sense has your back when it comes to home safety. We’ve been innovating for 9 years and our smart alarms have already made homes safer in over 20 countries. Our alarms keep you in the loop with instant phone alerts and automatic warnings—because feeling safe at home should be simple. Let’s make safety easy, together.

Brompton Bicycle

5% Commission | 30 days Cookie Duration

Compact. Portable. Super fun. Brompton is the leading designer and maker of the world’s most iconic folding bike. The Brompton 3-part fold easily transforms the bike into a small, locked package in under 20 seconds. Every Brompton bike can fit neatly into tight spaces, giving you more room at home without sacrificing performance on the road.

UCO Gear

10% Commission | 30 days Cookie Duration

UCO stands for Utility, Comfort, and Originality. Founded in Redmond, WA in 1971, we bring nearly 50 years of innovation and manufacturing expertise to the outdoor industry. Each of our products is designed with useful features that make your time outside safer and more comfortable.

Ignik Outdoors

10% Commission | 45 days Cookie Duration

Ignik was born out of some epic gear failures. Hand warmers that didn’t warm in the Arctic and disposable green propane bottles that are neither disposable nor actually “green.” Ignik, meaning fire or lover of fire, is about solving problems, be it around the campfire or making family comfortable in the cold.

Seven Points CBD

25% Commission | 60 days Cookie Duration

Seven Points is a boutique, small batch maker of natural, organic CBD and Delta 9 products. Every batch is 3rd party tested for purity and potency. All lab reports are posted on our site for full transparency and consumer confidence.


10% Commission | 30 days Cookie Duration

Here at KOVA Blades, we design and sell knives and hatchets that we use ourselves. You’ve probably heard the saying: “If you can’t find what you want, make it yourself.” That’s exactly what we aimed to do. Each product, if it could, would tell its own amazing story.

Monti Coolers

8% Commission | 30 days Cookie Duration

Monti Coolers was founded in 2023 and is the World’s First Packable Cooler. It is designed to help serious outdoorsmen, parents, urbanites and beach bums lug less. Coolers don’t have to be a hassle anymore. The compactable design is perfect for fitting in your carry on, purse or backpack and making your adventures carefree.

Zulay Kitchen

12% Commission | 30 days Cookie Duration

Zulay is your one-stop shop for High-Quality Kitchen Tools & Utensils! Cook delicious, nutritious food and treats while making the most out of your budget. We’re a small family-owned business and we’ve put together time-saving & money-saving coffee & kitchen gadgets that we use, and wanted to share!


9% Commission | 30 days Cookie Duration

We are ULTIMA, market leaders in Automotive Lighting and Electrical Equipment. Our slogan ‘The Vision to Go Further’ represents our passion to deliver the world’s highest-quality vehicle lighting products that meet and exceed customer expectations. Today, through innovation and market development, we are the market leader in the field of Automotive Lighting and Electrical Equipment.

ACE Pickleball

25% Commission | 30 days Cookie Duration

Join the ACE Pickleball Affiliate Program through AvantLink and become a key player in promoting a dynamic pickleball brand! ACE Pickleball is committed to delivering top-tier pickleball paddles that enhance player performance and enjoyment.


8% Commission | 30 days Cookie Duration

Skida® offers an assortment of outdoor accessories that are vessels for self-expression. Skida is committed to local production, limited edition products, and a fresh perspective. Our products are designed for all.


8% Commission | 30 days Cookie Duration

At Zorali, we create outdoor gear and apparel that help people get outside and make connections in the great outdoors. Because when we walk together among trees, beneath waterfalls, and along trails, we’re inspired to preserve and protect it all.

AUS Program

Adventure Medical Kits

8% Commission | 30 days Cookie Duration

Adventure Medical Kits was founded in 1986 by an emergency room doctor after noticing that all the medical kits people could purchase were hardcases meant to be left at home. He recognized the need of hikers, campers, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts to bring medical supplies with them on the trail.


5% Commission | 30 days Cookie Duration

Eaglebear makes and sells bikes designed to be ultra-versatile. Eaglebear bikes are meticulously designed to be easy and fun to ride, and give riders a performance-oriented component spec that maximizes the fun-per-dollar.

Indigo Falls

8% Commission | 30 days Cookie Duration

Indigo Falls offers high-quality, officially licensed collegiate merchandise, including drinkware, tote bags, coolers, and accessories. We actively sell 50 of the top schools in the country and are licensed with over 200 schools in total. We will add more schools and products on the website as we grow!