New Merchants for April


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Arkel’s bike panniers bags and racks are made by people who really love to ride! Innovation is in our DNA, and we have quite a few products and features to prove it.


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Hatchet Outdoor Supply Co. is a shop for the 21st-century adventurer. So, we curate clothing, accessories, and gear that can endure explorations local and global with an eye for sustainable performance, quality, and beauty in design and craft.


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RUX was born out of a desire to unlock a more agile lifestyle by freeing up more time, space and energy for you to get outside.


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Exothermic Technologies is the number one manufacturer of flamethrowers. We’re setting the standard and continuing to raise the bar, driven to make only the best.


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Sprinkle & Sweep is the best and easiest new solution for dealing with gross pet accidents by turning the process into a no-touch, odor-free process.


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For more than 20 years, companies, corporate sponsors, professional gaming teams, and individual consumers have looked to CORE Gaming by Mobile Edge to hook them up with the hottest, high-quality gear in gaming.


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Whether your website speaks to an audience that’s into CrossFit, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, calisthenics, gymnastics or those that just want to build muscle or burn fat, the Force USA Canadian affiliate program will help your visitor take their training to the next level!


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Active Threads is a Women Founded Outdoor and Active Lifestyle Brand looking to curate a thoughtful assortment of apparel, gear, and accessories for today‚Äôs active woman.


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Ultradyne was founded with the intention to design and produce products that truly elevate the shooting experience.


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Melding a penchant for sleek, sexy, and functional design with a dedication to creating the highest-quality outdoor products, Exotac aims to stay true to our roots by keeping engineering at the core of our business.


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Gargoyles Eyewear has created exceptional sunglasses for anyone who needs to see well and perform well outdoors. Our range of styles is made to be incredibly durable, with precision lens technology that both continue that overall sense of durability and ensures visual clarity.


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RightOnTrek is driven by the desire to remove the barriers that prevent the general population from spending time outdoors recreating and to help people integrate active adventures into their busy lives.