New Merchants for August


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The chase for Roark began out of a desire to tell stories born of adventure and discovery in the form of a man. The product and stories we create empower people to discover self through authentic, youthful, modern, and purposeful adventure on the road less traveled.


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Armament Technology Inc. specializes in professional-grade weapon sighting systems, including optical combat weapon sights, long-range precision rifle sights, and accessories for your optics.


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Our mission at Kaenon is to make high-performance eyewear that is “Clearly Better” to enhance your life outside. Tested and worn by world-class adventurers and opticians to provide the best vision for a life lived outside.


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Wanlow is a monthly subscription box all about providing fun activities and resources that encourage kids to spend more time outside in nature and less time on their digital devices and in front of tv screens.


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Xtracycle makes world-class electric cargo bikes that replace mundane day-to-day car trips with inspiring adventures. Started in the 90’s as a community service project, it’s now a family-owned and values-driven organization that works towards its purpose–bikes as everyday transportation.


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American Gun Craft has successfully combined the time-honored tradition of pride in workmanship with the advantages of today’s technology. We offer the highest possible accuracy, fast turnaround, and a management team that has built quality control into every procedure.


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Every journey has to start somewhere. Whether you’re a beginner, enthusiast, or veteran explorer – hitting the road for work or play – Rhino-Rack USA strives to build products that help make adventure inclusive for everybody.


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BERINGIA creates beautiful, functional gear that helps you explore the outdoors in the most direct and unmediated fashion. Distinctive design, global mountain expertise, and highest-test quality are the marks of every BERINGIA garment.


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Stoko was born because we were done with being held back by injuries. We took all the fire we have for athletic pursuits and put it into creating a way to get off the couch and back on the trail, course, field, court, and everywhere else athletes push themselves to reach their goals.


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STOKO products act as a flexible exoskeleton that supports the lower body by mimicking the body’s ligaments and protecting the knee with medical-grade bracing. This is SUPPORTIVE APPAREL.


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Beech-Nut Nutrition Company has been making real food for babies since 1931 in the Mohawk River Valley of upstate New York. We are the #1 jarred baby food brand in the US market, thanks to our Gentle Cooking Process.


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Imagine a workout towel, fingerless gloves, and sweatbands had a love child. That’s FLIPMITS. Innovative athletic hand-wear that tackles an age-old problem, workout gloves or sweatbands? Our answer is neither and both!


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Krated Shop offers the best kratom products online for you to buy with free shipping! From gummies to beverages, to capsules and powders, find it here.


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From top to bottom, each model released by The Ride Bikes aims to make the biking experience easy, beautiful, and fun through innovative technologies and thoughtful design.


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It all started with compact bike cases. Orucase didn’t set out to create a whole new category in bike travel cases – we simply saw bike fees as an obstacle that stood in the way of reaching our goals in cycling.