New Network Qualified Coupon Code Rule Release

AvantLink is excited to announce its newest feature update, the Qualified Coupon Code rule!

This new feature allows merchant advertisers to designate a single affiliate or tag group of affiliates that can use the code. When a sale occurs, AvantLink “qualifies” the use of the code before rewarding commission.

  • If the sale resulted from a click associated with an authorized affiliate that can use the coupon code, a commission is rewarded.
  • If a sale resulted from a click associated with a non-authorized affiliate, the sale will track but zero commission is rewarded.

Qualified Coupon Codes are a great way to develop valuable strategic partnership opportunities among affiliates while protecting the use of coupon codes.

Check out our Qualified Coupon Code rule support article to learn more.

Looking for additional options to leverage coupon code use? Check out our Exclusive Coupon Code rule and Restricted Coupon Code rule.