New Web 2.0 Category at ABestWeb

Back in September of 2006 there was a thread/poll started at ABestWeb to discuss whether or not Web 2.0 was a fad or a revolution in Internet interaction: Web 2.0: Fad or Not?

There seemed to be an ending consensus in that thread that the term ‘Web 2.0’ itself may be a fad, but the concept itself was not. I fully agree with the latter. Taking full control of content away from a single publisher, and putting it in the hands of many, makes sense and it’s a much needed progression to web content publication/distribution (and in fact a general media reform needed in our country). Of course this isn’t the case for all sites but a perfect fit for many. From that thread & respected ABW member Snib:

I think the term “Web 2.0” is the fad. It’s just a snappy catchphrase that represents the current state of technology. Regardless of what we call it this is just a natural progression. I certainly believe it’s here to stay but it’ll continue to evolve until somebody else marks the occasion with another catchy phrase. I prefer to use the terms social software, social media, or social networking. Web 2.0 is just too general a term and can mean just about any type of site under the moon. Everybody will eventually adopt the 2.0ish features as we see more open source projects being released using this new technology. I’m just curious to see what’s next after 2.0 becomes the status quo.

Also as the headline of this post states, Haiko from ABestWeb actually added a new category to the site dedicated to Web 2.0 and Affiliate marketing. Haiko is highly respected in the industry and a true advocate for honest, ethical and productive Affiliate marketing practices…so you know if he’s qualified the category for his site then it’s far from a fad!!

In my opinion the ability for users to generate and share content is a natural progression of the Internet and as Snib said, it will be interesting to see what develops next..

What do you think? Comment here or on that ABW thread. There is also a poll there to vote on as well.

Gary & AvantLink