Online Marketing in Uncertain Economic Times

The economic news has been depressing the last couple of months. The financial industry is melting down, stock market plummeting and not a day goes by that we don’t hear about a major company laying off a significant part of their work force.

Most merchants are preparing for what could be a major recession. If you’re responsible for your company’s online marketing, chances are that you will or already have been asked to analyze where best to spend your online marketing dollars.

So how can AvantLink help, and why should I invest my marketing dollars in AvantLink’s performance marketing Affiliate network?

1. True performance marketing.

We are a true performance marketing network. This means that once you pay the network integration fee, you don’t pay any monthly minimums or any other hidden fees. We don’t have nickel and dime charges you find in other networks that add up to significantly higher marketing costs. This is recession proof marketing in that you only pay for results.

2. Thorough network level Affiliate screening.

Because we screen Affiliates thoroughly at the network level, you don’t have to spend time screening and filtering Affiliates at the program level, ultimately saving you money. This also means that the vast majority of Affiliates in AvantLink are active, ethical, and savvy marketing professionals.

3. Industry leading support.

We fully support the Affiliates and merchants in our network. Affiliates know they can come directly to us with questions about tools, ads, reporting, tracking, etc. because they know we will respond promptly. This translates into a greatly reduced support workload for you.

4. Innovation.

We are your partner for innovation. We are constantly working on new tools, and better functionality. If Affiliates or merchants come to us with innovative and feasible technology ideas, we will develop them. Many of our tools were created in exactly this manner. We’re dedicated to getting Affiliates and merchants the technology they need to increase sales.

5. Brand protection.

By default, our network level terms do not allow Affiliates to bid on your trade name, domain name or mis-spellings. Most networks have many rogue affiliates who try to get away with bidding on trade/domain names wherever and whenever possible. Not paying commissions as a result of trade/domain name bidding translates into huge savings, and more protection for your brand.

In a recession it’s more important than ever to spend your marketing dollars wisely. AvantLinks’ true performance marketing network model means your marketing dollars are only going towards results. For more information, or to speak with an AvantLink sales representative, please email sales/at/ Mention this article and get a special discount on integration.

Scott Kalbach