Innova Inflatable Kayaks and Canoes Affiliate Program

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In 1995 Innova Kayaks pioneered high-quality touring inflatable kayaks and canoes into North America. Before then inflatable kayaks were usually found as either whitewater specific "duckies" in a very narrow market, or more broadly as cheap "pool toy" vinyl creations. We changed that market.

Our top-of-the-line inflatable boats are made of Nitrylon fabric, a blend of natural and synthetic rubber coating bonded to heavy-duty polyester cloth. This is a very green construction without the environmentally troubling PVC content found in competing inflatables. Innova boats are known and respected for their performance, craftsmanship, durability, portability, and ease of setup and packup. You can fly to Hawaii with an Innova kayak in the overhead bin.

Our performance claims are corroborated by the Innova Helios being chosen as the "Best Inflatable Kayak" by the readers of Sea Kayaker magazine both times they have voted the Readers Choice Awards - a six-year period. Demanding adventurers choose our boats. Kira Salak made a first descent of the Niger River, paddling 600 miles solo to Timbuktu in her Innova Safari, and then wrote about her experience in National Geographic Adventure magazine and in her book, The Cruelest Journey.

We see online sales continuing to increase for inflatable kayaks. They are easily shipped, and they appeal to an affluent demographic that does not want to deal with the storage and transport issues inherent with rigid boats. Accordingly, we are investing resources into growing our online store.

We take pride in our customer service and product knowledge. We have many happy customers, some of whom continue to send us inspiring photos of their adventures. We offer kayaking and inflation accessories that our boat owners will find useful. Our orders typically ship within one working day of receiving notice. Our average order size is $700.

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