Stormy Kromer Affiliate Program

8% commission • 60 days cookie duration

We make stuff that keeps people comfy outdoors. We apologize for how that affects your web traffic.

Seriously, Stormy Kromer customers are the kind of people who would rather be outside than stuck indoors. They’re salt-of-the-earth sort of folks. Genuine. Authentic. And apt to go whole hours at a stretch without logging on to Facebook.

We’re the same way, and for more than a hundred years now, we’ve hand-stitched apparel that keeps these fine folks snuggly when the mercury starts to dip. Shirts, coats, vests and, of course, the original earband wool cap—a cap countless people have been married in and buried in. We’re pretty proud of that.

They say we’re a legendary company with a legendary product, but we believe that honor befalls the people who wear our brand. If you’d like to be part of that special group—or at least like the idea of warm ears in winter—take a peek at and apply to our affiliate program.

  • 8% commission for all sales.
  • 60 day cookie duration.
  • 4%+ daily conversion rate.
  • $80+ average order value.
  • All Stormy Kromer products are proudly manufactured in the USA.
  • All Stormy Kromer caps are guaranteed for life.
  • All Stormy Kromer caps come with a no-charge insurance policy, allowing customers to replace lost or stolen hats at 50% off retail.
  • Our site has the full inventory of Stormy Kromer products.