AvantLink App Market Affiliate Program

20% commission • 0 days cookie duration • Terms & Conditions
Introducing the AvantLink App Market!

AvantLink has introduced the AvantLink App Market to encourage innovators to build capabilities within our architecture that will enhance business relationships, provide new technical tools for Affiliate marketers, and in general, continue to add functionality to our platform. Through the market these innovators will have the opportunity to monetize their applications, tools, scripts or widgets by participating in the income streams generated by these capabilities.

Once qualified for the market, developers are responsible for their own applications and content, and all uses made of AvantLink App Market. Other special provisions applicable to developers/operators apply, so be sure to review the AvantLink App Market terms and conditions.

Application developer/operator default compensation model is as follows:
  • 20% of AvantLink network commission on all sales that originate from your application.

All applications, tools, scripts or widgets must be qualified for the market. Tools that qualify will only be available to Affiliates active in the AvantLink network.

Please email appmarket@avantlink.com for comments or questions about the AvantLink App Market.