LiftKits Affiliate Program

10% commission • 30 days cookie duration

Welcome, and thank you for your consideration of the LiftKits Affiliate Program!

What is LiftKits?

LiftKits is the original height increasing insole brand. We have quietly helped stylists in LA and NY outfit today's top stars and celebrities with shoe lifts for years. Only available to the general public since 2008. We continue to set the bar for measurement, specific to accessories and the footwear industry.

LiftKits is committed to providing affiliate publishers with everything needed to launch and promote this program. We have worked hard to optimize our site for high conversion, which translates to more money in your pocket!

Why join our Affiliate Program?

  • 10% commission for every sale you refer- potential bonuses for top performing affiliates!
  • 30 day cookie
  • Devoted affiliate manager to help optimize our affiliate relationship
  • Exclusive offers and promotions for your visitors
  • Regularly updated creative
  • LiftKits has an A-list celebrity following and is one of Hollywood’s biggest secrets
Special Instructions:
  • We do NOT allow trademark bidding or bidding on any phrases containing brand name keywords.
  • Protected keywords include the brand name and all variations and misspellings. Examples: “Liftkits”, “Lift Kits”, “”, , , “Lift Kits Shoes” , “LiftKits Shoes”
  • Direct linking from search ads to is prohibited.
  • We will not pay commissions on any transactions we believe to be generated as a result of keyword buys on trademarked terms, phrases or keywords