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Stove In A Can is a portable, self-contained cooking platform that provides a week's worth of cooking. Virtually anything that can be cooked on a regular stove can be cooked on a Stove In A Can.

Product Features:

  • Superior Performance: Boils water in 5 minutes and cooks for 4 to 5 hours.
  • Safe: Uses a non-explosive fuel source that is waterproof and can be stored indefinitely.
  • Complete and Easy to Use: Includes stove, fuel, cooking platform, and waterproof matches
  • Can be lit and re-lit.

Safe- Non-explosive, non-hazardous, and clean-burning fuel means you can take it, store it, and cook on it wherever you need it. Because it is so much safer, there is no legal limit as to the quantity you can store in your home like there is for other fuels.

Reliable - Has an indefinite shelf life and works great in extreme weather conditions. Fuel cells are totally waterproof and will light in seconds, making it great for emergencies, or for camping and other recreational uses.

Superior Performance - Boils water in less than five minutes and cooks for over an hour on a single fuel cell.  Because most meals only require 15 minutes of cooking, that is almost 1 weeks’ worth of cooking. At up to 18,000 BTU's, it burns hotter than most other outdoor stoves thanks to our specially formulated fuel cells.

Convenient - Compact, lightweight, and ready for cooking in less than a minute.  Includes fuel, platform, cooking rings and waterproof matches…nothing else is needed.

Energy Efficient - Patented design conserves energy and maximizes heat output.  Fuel cells can be extinguished and re-lit as needed to maximize usage.

Environmentally Conscious - Fuel cells are made of recycled, all natural materials.  Ashes will be safe to dispose of anywhere.

Robust Solution - Highly efficient source for heating and lighting. Wide base for enhanced stability that can support over 300 lbs.

Flexible - Design and fuel cells that allow for multiple uses. Owners have found numerous innovative uses beyond what we imagined.

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