MOFÉ Affiliate Program

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Inspired by today’s modern feminism, MOFÉ understands how far women have come to be where they are today, and we design handbags to represent today’s passionate, resilient, and smart women in a fashionable way.

We believe that fashion can empower, and we do our best to incorporate this belief into all aspects of MOFÉ. Everything—from our infinity-esque logo, product names, positive messages on social media, all the way to donating a portion of sales to help young girls get an education—was carefully contemplated and crafted to be a building block to MOFÉ’s “different-kind-of” brand mantra. While many handbag logos seek to advertise, our logo aspires to be more meaningful—it parallels the infinity symbol, embodying the notion of no boundaries or limitations, and sits on our handbags to be a constant reminder that we have come a long way and can certainly achieve anything we set our minds to.

Become a MOFÉ affiliate and start earning competitive commissions today. BENEFITS OF OUR AFFILIATE PROGRAM:
  • Earn 8% for every sale you refer to MOFÉ
  • Cookie return days: 30 days
  • Dedicated Affiliate Management
  • Regularly updated creative
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