Live Prepared Affiliate Program

10% commission • 120 days cookie duration

The Live Prepared Affiliate Program offers online publishers with the opportunity to earn high commissions while providing guests with the availability of a vast variety of delicious, high quality food storage and emergency preparedness items. We offer our affiliates tailored resources to help increase the number of clicks to conversions. When a guest clicks on one of these resources from your site and makes a purchase from, you will earn 10% commission.

Live Prepared provides customers with a complete line of food storage products and emergency preparedness supplies. Live Prepared, started in 1972, carries over a great selection of items in food and gear categories with up to a 25 year shelf life; something for everyone. Our strong, established brand makes it easy for you to get clicks turned into conversions; therefore, increasing your commissions.

Program Highlights:
  • 10% commission, one of the highest commissions in our market
  • 120-day cookie duration
  • High average order value, $190