BearTek Gloves Affiliate Program

8% commission • 5 days cookie duration
BearTek Gloves was born out of the need of our founder, Willie Blount, to control his music while riding his Hayabusa motorcycle. Typical remote controls and head mounted devices just weren’t good enough. Willie went to work conceiving the BearTek Gloves idea by embedding the Bluetooth® technology right in the types of gloves he already wore for riding. The idea attracted his partner who experienced the inconvenience (and numbness) of pulling out his phone while on the cold ski slopes of Breckenridge.

There is nothing like BearTek Gloves on the market, so BearTek proves “Every Other Glove is Obsolete”™. But don’t take our word for it… here’s a sampling about the buzz for BearTek:

  • Men’s Journal “Best Gifts for Men”
  • “New and Awesome”
  • CNBC “Next Big Things in Wearable Technology”
  • “One of the best, most innovative new products”
  • CNET “Best Hi-tech Ski Gear”
Program Details:
  • Base of 8% commission and increase to 12% after $1000 of sales (just 7 sales)
  • 5 day cookie duration
  • 30-day no questions asked return policy to increase conversion
  • Average kit price is $150
  • Lots of media buzz to support product acceptance
  • Drastic price reduction of $90 off per unit from last year’s prices
  • Increased functionality offerings
  • Year round sales with gloves for various sports, snow sports, motorcycling, and others on the way