Coalatree Organics Affiliate Program

10% commission • 60 days cookie duration • Terms & Conditions

The majority of our products are made from organic or recycled materials. We're passionate about sourcing the finest sustainable materials and in so doing; we support organic farms throughout the world. Buying and supporting organic goods persuades more farmers to grow organic

We believe that you reap what you sow - not only with growing, but also in all aspects of life. Therefore, we know that our customers deserve more than just quality product and we work tirelessly to make sure that we nurture and maintain relationships with our customers and the surrounding communities.

We look forward to you joining our community and helping us promote a eco friendly quality product, message, & lifestyle through our Affiliate program.

Check out our website. If you like what you see, please apply to our affiliate program. Details of the program are as follows:

  • 10% Commission for sales you generate
  • 60 Day cookie duration
  • Organic & Recycled Materials used in the production process
  • We have the widest range of Organic & Recycled products in the market
  • We feature a unique Web Specials section with our discontinued merchandise
  • Average Order Value > $81.00
  • Dedicated Affiliate Management
  • Regularly updated creative
Customer Benefits:
  • Free Shipping over $75.00
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Shipping direct to Canada
  • Eco Friendly Products
  • Percentage of Product Purchase goes towards Community Farms/Gardens around America
Additional Terms and Conditions:

Returned and canceled orders are reviewed and reconciled at the end of each month. Affiliates are not permitted to promote any coupons that are not provided by Coalatree via AvantLink. Coalatree encourages affiliates to use Search Engine Marketing in their promotional campaigns. Though Coalatree does not allow trademark, trademark plus bidding or any misspellings of our brand name.

We reserve the right to withhold sales commissions to affiliates or remove affiliates from the program that are found to be in violation of any of Terms & Conditions.

We look forward to your partnership!