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The IcyBreeze takes portable air conditioning to a whole new level! It is THE world’s first fully portable, battery-powered air conditioner that also doubles as a cooler. No wires, no cords, and completely mobile. IcyBreeze keeps your drinks cold, while keeping you cool. Powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, you can take cool, conditioned air anywhere you want to go. IcyBreeze is eco-friendly (no chemicals or exhaust), blows 35 degrees below ambient temperature at speeds up to 25mph, and offers a generous 38 quarts of storage space for beverages and ice. Super thick foam insulation walls rival that of the most premium coolers in the marketplace, making its ice holding efficiency second to none.

IcyBreeze will make your outdoor life more enjoyable. Whether you are in a tent, a car, a boat, a plane, in a dugout, at a picnic, or construction site, the IcyBreeze will keep you and your companions cool. Our award-winning cooler has been honored in several “Best of…” lists, including: Camping Gear of the Year (50Campfires.com), 2014’s Most Innovative Products (Buzzfeed.com), and 10 Best Readers’ Choice SkyMall Products for Road Trips (USAToday.com). During the Summer of 2015, we are launching several aggressive marketing campaigns, including: HGTV, World’s Greatest (ION), Hallmark Channel, Sharper Image, Men’s Journal, Outside Magazine, TV commercials in select markets, and numerous digital marketing channels (i.e. AvantLink). So please join the fun by bringing cool air to the outdoors, while earning a great commission. Your audience will love you for it! Sign up for the IcyBreeze affiliate program today!

Why Join our Affiliate Program?
  • Earn 15% commission on every sale
  • 180 Day Cookie Duration
  • Free shipping for a limited time
  • Excellent customer service
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Return, 1 yr Limited Warranty
  • High average order value ($375)
  • Growing customer base results in high conversions and increased commissions
  • Frequently updating Banner Ads, reasonable customization available
  • Please reach out if you have any questions or special requests
Program Restrictions

Pricing: IcyBreeze does not allow changes to the MSRP.