AXIL Affiliate Program

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Axil is passionate about our business, from product development to customer relations we want nothing more than for others to express their own passion like we've done with ours. Our mission is to create an innovative product offering to address specific needs for the ear. For those who have a passion for music, hunting, auto repair, woodwork, and more, our desire is to deliver solutions to enrich lives by helping customers to hear their very best, to protect their hearing, to enjoy their hearing and to use their hearing effectively for whatever their environments may be.

When joining the AXIL affiliate program, you will be promoting two brands: SportEAR and ProSounds.

1) SportEAR products offer the most effective way to enhance your hearing in any hunting environment. It allows customers to hear the subtle sounds of nearby game long before it is visible. At the same time, SportEAR functions as the ultimate hearing protection against the damage caused by muzzle blast.

2) ProSounds products are the leader in hearing performance, i.e. hearing enhancement, hearing protection, audio, communication, etc. allowing customers to hear the world in 100% digital sound.

Other Site & Program facts:

  • 15% commission
  • 14 day cookie
  • PPC is closed
  • Coupons/Promo Codes are available