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Increasingly well-known for both high-quality and groundbreaking, original designs, Witt Machine's product line is continually evolving and improving. A leader in recoil reducing muzzle device design; Witt Machine's Custom Clamp-On Muzzle Brakes made what was thought impossible - a clamp-on muzzle brake that stays on -not only possible but also affordable. Eliminating the need for barrel modifications, Witt's design has made getting a perfect fitting, reliable muzzle brake as simple as taking a couple of measurements; there is even a model for shotguns. Witt Machine's line of muzzle devices also include custom threaded muzzle brakes, brakes for the popular Mosin Nagant rifles as well as their line of Muzzle Rise Eliminators - MREs - designed for the AR platform, as well as, several other popular rifles.

More recently they have added both Suppressors and Integrally Suppressed Uppers in .223 and .300 Black Out to their line of firearm related parts and accessories.

Founded in 2012 by former Marine Ken Wittekiend, Witt Machine's mission continues to be designing and producing the best-performing, highest-quality, firearm parts and accessories available.

Witt Machine saw a 47% growth last year and continues to grow and expand their product line.

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