Cycliq Affiliate Program

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Cycliq Products are designed by cyclists, for cyclists. Our mission is to make cycling safer and give you peace of mind when you’re on the bike. If road users think there’s a chance they’ll be recorded, there’s less chance they’ll do something dangerous. And if things do go wrong, you’ve got the evidence to show what happened.

We are proud to be making pretty awesome products. We love the outdoors and recording our action and are the No. 1 brand in HD camera/light combos. Our main audience is cyclists, and our products are specifically tailored to meet their wishes. The battery life of our cameras outlast any action camera by a leap, and provide really cool integrated features that appeal to cyclists. As such, we are getting lots of love and affection from our customers.

Highlights of the Cycliq Affiliate program include:

  • 5% commission rate
  • 30-day cookie period
  • Average order value $150+
  • Free shipping in the USA
  • Exclusive affiliate program promotions

Why Cycliq

As cycling increases in popularity all over the world, so do the combined dangers of congested roads, poor cycling facilities and bad behaviour from all road users (cyclists and motorists alike). After one close encounter too many on the roads of Perth, Western Australia, our founder Kingsley Fiegert decided that enough was enough. With his rear-end still sore from being hit with a slingshot from a passing car, he put his mind to inventing a product that would give cyclists a right of recourse when things go wrong. Five years on, with tens of thousands of Cycliq bike cameras being shipped all over the world, we’re only just getting started on making the roads safer for everyone. Join us.