Aftershokz Affiliate Program

6% commission • 30 days cookie duration • Terms & Conditions

AfterShokz brings patented bone conduction technology, initially developed for military special operations and law enforcement by Voxtech in 2001, to sport, mobile and Bluetooth® headphones designed and priced for everyday use.

Listen to the money come in with AfterShokz’s affiliate program through the AvantLink affiliate network. Once joined for free, you can link to and start earning commissions on every sale generated!

Affiliate Program Highlights:

  • Earn a Generous 6% Affiliate Payout
  • 30 Day Cookie
  • $105 Average Order Size
  • Great 5.2% Conversion Rate
  • Free Shipping Available and Regular Promotions

PPC: Affiliates may not bid on tradenames (or misspellings). Affiliates may not bid on phrases which include tradenames (or misspellings). Affiliates may use the destination URL in the advertising links. Affiliates may use the tradenames in ads. Approval to do so on a case by case basis. Please contact us directly to discuss.

Direct linking is not allowed. Approval to do so on a case by case basis. Please contact us directly to discuss.

Publishers that violate these terms and conditions risk deactivation from the program.

Exclusions to Above Terms and Support: We have a vested interest in your success; we only make money when our affiliates make money. We are open to discussing allowing tradename bidding and direct linking on a case by case basis. We are available for custom creative, landing pages, content and to that end if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions. We welcome a phone call or email.

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