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Decktagon is the next generation of camping comfort. Don’t get caught in mud, dirt and sand. ENJOY your outdoor experience on an elevated, durable, lightweight and portable deck! Decktagon will enhance your outdoor living experience by simply getting you up out of the dirt.

Decktagon is easy to clean, dries quickly and does not require tools. Made from 100% recycled plastic, Decktagon is strong, durable, and will hold up to 500 lbs per Decktagon tile. Even though Decktagon provides a strong solid surface, each tile weighs only 2 lbs, is easy to transport and comes in a travel/storage bag. Decktagon provides an array of product sizes that suit your customer’s needs.

Through the Decktagon affiliate program, you will earn generous commissions by promoting a quickly growing, global brand.

Affiliates who are a particularly good fit for Decktagon include those who have sites about the outdoors, camping, RVs, glamping, river rafting, car camping, motorhomes, Teardrops trailers, T@b trailers, Airstreams, 5th Wheel Trailers, Preppers, Above ground swimming pools, emergency survival, hunting & fishing.

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