Blendfresh Affiliate Program

18% commission • 30 days cookie duration • Terms & Conditions

At Blendfresh, we are motivated by people and helping them achieve their life potential. We believe there is greatness within all of us and relentlessly dedicate our research and product line solely to those who want to begin every day with a fresh outlook for a better tomorrow.

Blendfresh is a line of whole foods that are clean, pesticide free, kosher certified and non-GMO. Many of our products are gluten free with organic ingredients! The premiere products feature a fusion of fruits and vegetables in nutrient dense powders. These powders are processed by a patented technology called Fresh Dried™, which retains 100% of the nutrients, vitamins, enzymes and minerals of the foods.

Each serving of Blendfresh™ fusions offers more than 2,000 unique phytonutrients. Add one serving of each Blendfresh™ fusion to get more than 8,000 unique phytonutrients. You would have to eat nearly 50 different fresh fruits and vegetables to get the same health benefits! Not impossible, but difficult to do!

Benefits of the Blendfresh Affiliate Program:

  • High commission! 18% paid on all affiliate sales with potential bonuses!
  • Cookie return days: 30 days
  • Dedicated Affiliate Management
  • Regularly updated creative
  • Blendfresh only ships within the United States

Product Listings: Blendfresh does not allow affiliate product listings on 3rd party marketplace websites such as Ebay, Amazon, etc.

Support: We are available for custom creative, landing pages and content. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please call or email.

We look forward to having you join our family of enthusiastic and professional wellness marketers!