Spartan Carton Affiliate Program

7% commission • 30 days cookie duration

Spartan Carton is the ultimate resource for people passionate about their health and workouts. Delivered monthly, Spartan Carton delivers an assortment of quality products that always had selected by some of the top trainers in the US.

In the Spartan Carton box you will receive at least 3 supplements, 3 snacks, and outdoor/workout gear. This could include protein/energy/meal replacement bars, pre and post-workout supplements, vitamins, nutritional snacks, protein enhanced products, etc. Outdoor/workout gear can include items such as READYMAN products, firestarters, workout ointment, EDC gear, etc. All this comes in the ‘Citizens Box’ for just $24.99/month.

For a more serious training needs, there is also a ‘Warrior Box’ available for $99. Warriors will receive the same as the Citizen box contents but also workout and outdoor gear. Examples of gear could include suspension straps, EDC items, resistance bands, massage kits, Gerber Gear, firestarters, etc. Occasionally you will also receive extra items to ensure that you ALWAYS receive a retail value of more than you paid.

Just a few of the benefits of promoting Spartan Carton:

  • 7% commission for each new customer that you send our way
  • 30 Day Cookie to ensure you receive the commission you deserve
  • Expert Affiliate Management team with 14 years’ experience
  • The highest quality supplements, snacks and protein powders
  • Optimized marketing tools and creative that have been tested to work
  • Testimonials from expert trainers and nutritionists endorsing the product
  • Ability to sell to runners, CrossFit, endurance athletes and health conscious people