UB Super Affiliate Program

10% commission • 120 days cookie duration

UB Super is your most nutritious and convenient meal of the day!

Sourced from the highest quality superfoods and real ingredients found across the globe, UB Super is one of the most nutritious protein-PLUS superfood nutritional shakes you can find. Whether you choose our grass-fed whey or plant-based shake (both available in either chocolate or vanilla), every UB Super product contains more than 75 organic vitamins and minerals, powerful globally sourced superfoods, probiotics, and the best possible protein sources around so you get super nutrition that is easily digestible with no gritty texture.

Whether your goals are fitness and recovery, immune system support, energy metabolism or healthy weight loss, UB Super provides you with the complete nutrition your body needs so you can enjoy life wherever it may take you!

Earn commissions by driving traffic from your site to ubsuper.com. Feature links and banners that send customers to UB Super’s online retail store, and you’ll receive a commission on the resulting sales.

By becoming an affiliate, you’ll help UB Super reach a wider audience and make an awesome impression on those who visit your site.

Program Highlights:

  • 10% Commission
  • 120 day cookie duration

We look forward to your partnership!